Thought you would be interested to know that I just signed up at ClickCash to promote iFriends

Payouts now range from $40 to $80 per FREE signup. In other words, even if the customer doesn't spend a dime with iFriends, I collect at least $40 for that customer. And as much as $80 per customer on volume.

Took just a few minutes, but it was worth it: They put a $50 bonus in my payout account immediately, just for signing up (!) ... before I even refer my first signup to iFriends. That's 50 bucks for two minutes of my time filling out a form. (And clickcash is now in their 10th consecutive year of uninterrupted weekly payouts).

Also, ClickCash/iFriends also pays a 10% override on all "downline" webmaster signup commissions, so in addition to earning up to $80 for each customer you refer to iFriends, you earn an additional 10% override on the payouts to each *webmaster*

you refer to Clickcash/iFriends (and the webmasters that *they* refer, and so on and so on, into infinity).

iFriends calls it "The Power of Ten", but I call it "more cash"!

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"The Power of Ten"

Here's how it works:

You earn a 10% "override" on ClickCash sales commissions earned by webmasters you recruit to ClickCash.

For example, if you recruit a webmaster to ClickCash, and he earns $1,000 a week in iFriends signup commissions, you collect an extra $100 per week -- 10% -- on top of your own iFriends commissions.

But it doesn't stop there. You also collect 10% overrides on webmaster referral commissions from the webmasters that your webmaster recruits, and the webmasters that those webmasters recruit, and so on and so on, into infinity.

EXAMPLE: Webmaster A refers Webmaster B to ClickCash. Webmaster B in turn refers Webmasters C, D and E. Webmaster A earns a 10% commission on Webmaster B's commissions, and also earns 10% referral commissions on the webmaster commissions of webmasters C, D and E. Webmaster B, meanwhile, earns 10% sales commissions on Webmaster C, D and E's sales. If Webmasters C, D and E recruit their own webmasters, all of the webmasters above the new referrals (A, B, C, D and E in this case) will receive overrides on the "downline" recruits.

Signup Now for Free and Get $50 Instantly

For Referral Code: SWEET_RANI2007  (If  needed please enter )

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